Monday, May 30, 2011

Hardiness of Climbers and Ramblers at Der Rosenmeister’s

As a follow up to my last posting, I have assessed all the climbers and ramblers that were well established in my garden prior to the past winter. Roses that were planted at the end of the summer or fall were not included.

These roses had NO dieback at all: Aenchen Von Tharau, Alchymist, Alexander McKenzie, American Pillar, Asta Von Parpart, Aurelia Liffa, Awakening, Bleu Magenta, Blushing Lucy, Brite Eyes, Captain Samuel Holland, Corporal Johann Nagy, De La Grifferaie, Dr. Hurta, Dorothy Perkins, Dusterlohe, Erinnerung an Brod, Evangeline, Excelsa, Forstmeister’s Heim, Futtaker Schlingrose, Gerbe Rose, Geschwind’s Nordlandrose, Geschwind’s Orden, Geschwind’s Schonste, Goldbusch, Himmelsauge, Isabella Skinner, Jasmina, John Cabot, John Davis, Josephine Ritter, Laure Davoust, Leverkusen, Lillian Gibson, Long John Silver, Maigold, Manita, Marie Dermar, Marie Victorin, Minnehaha, Nymphe Egeria, Ovid, Polstjarnen, Prinz Hirzeprinzchen, Quadra, Ramblin Red, Rosarium Uetersen, Russelliana, Scharlachglut, Summer Wine, Super Dorothy, Theano, Thor, Veilchenblau, Venusta Pendula, White Dorothy, White Mountains, William Baffin, William Booth, Winner’s Circle, Wodan

These roses had up to 10% dieback: Climbing American Beauty, Birdie Blye, Doctor Van Fleet, Dortmund, Hamburger Phoenix, Illusion, Ilse Krohn Superior, Laguna, Lavender Lassie, Leopold Ritter, May Queen, Parkdirektor Riggers, Red Cascade, Rosa kordesii, Sparrieshoop, Summer Breeze, Ulmer Munster, Viking Queen, Weetwood.

These roses had between 10 and 50% dieback: Aloha Hawaii, Amadeus, Amaretto, Gelber Engel, Golden Arctic, Golden Gate, Golden Glow, Goldener Olymp, Goldstern, Lichtkonigen Lucia, Moonlight, Red Corsair, Rhode Island Red, White Cap, Zeus.

These roses are crown hardy: Aloha, Antike 89, Autumn Sunset, Salita, Westerland

So, what generalizations have I come to this spring?

  • Once blooming ramblers and climbers are very hardy
  • Canadian Explorer roses are very hardy
  • Roses hybridized by Geschwind are very hardy
  • Roses with R. kordesii in their background vary in hardiness.
  • The older varieties of hybrid kordesii are hardier than the newer ones with the exception of Jasmina and Laguna
  • Brownell climbers experience significant dieback
  • Yellow climbers are less hardy than climbers of other colors

Note: There might be some variation in comparing your experience with mine, as hardiness is also affected by micro-climates or the positioning of a rose within your garden. Please comment on your experience with these roses after this past winter. Include your location and growing zone. I’ve got to get back to mowing before it rains again.

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